Expect more conversations in public with Make Jesus Famous merchandise.

Expect more conversations in public with Make Jesus Famous merchandise.

make jesus famous del mar fairThere's something very similar in experiences with wearing Make Jesus Famous tees in public, or just bearing your faith so boldly in public. That similar thing is expecting more conversations in public while wearing Make Jesus Famous gear. Some of those questions are:

1. I like your shirt.

2. I thought Jesus was already famous.

3. How do you Make Jesus Famous?

These 3 lines are experienced constantly while wearing the MFJ brand of shirts. And you know what, welcome it. Welcome it, because this is evangelism, being able to share your faith in Christ, your love for Christ, and His love for everyone else. MFJ gear is a conversation starter, attention grabber, and just a bold statement. The enemy wants us to cower down and live a subdued lifestyle, but that wasn't the way of the Lord. That wasn't Jesus's plan for us, but his plan for us was to be free, live free in his name. 

When a passerby says:
• " I like your shirt", they're saying I love Jesus too!
• " I thought Jesus was already famous" tell them, you make bigger what you focus on the most. Let's draw and turn our focus on serving the Lord.
• "How do you Make Jesus Famous?", tell them, by sharing the gospel, sharing the Love of God and or sharing your testimony. How good God has been to you.
That's how you can respond to individuals or groups while sporting MJF.

Make the best of it, I'm referring to our lives. Make the best out of living your life for Christ. Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before men, that. they may see your good works, and. glorify your Father which is in heaven.

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