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This is why I FrshFaith, this is how I Make Jesus Famous!

Mr. FrshFaith / Make Jesus Famous / Ricardo MompremierI’m Mr. FrshFaith (Ricardo), creator and part owner of FF.
Some years back the Lord encountered me in my shame, when I thought I was ready to announce Him. But…I wasn’t quite there. And thank God for His mercy that I, in-fact we all have been shown mercy in are short comings and grace to get back up and try again. But doing it with a heart positioned in the word of God.

So…I grabbed my Red back and Yellow MJF tee and turned from shame & fear; to the direction of faith, hope, & love in Jesus Christ. And now I FrshFaith, I Make Jesus Famous; and the best part of it is that I don’t do it alone. Spiritually or naturally! We do it in Jesus name, lead by the Holy Spirit, and the WHOLE word of God. 

Here we are; The Mompremiers, and a collective of believers and those who want, who have, and will believe that God himself, our creator, our Father, has expressed His love for us and desires a relationship with us through Jesus Christ.

The Collective. The Community. The Family

Do you accept His Request?

We're praying and rooting for you to know, accept, and get to know Him!

We encourage, we affirm, we speak life, we hope, we live, we faith, we assist, we love and learn to love like Christ. And we’ve found this to be the way the we Make Jesus Famous. So with your faith in God, love for Jesus Christ, how do you Make Jesus Famous?

So we ask, would you like to support this ministry, this family owned business in spreading the Gospel, the Good News through believers like you. God bless you all.

Oh! One more thing, we've journeyed with the Lord sharing faith and good news; going from one step to the next. Take a listen to this campaign vid we created.

- At all cost, Express God's Love, Make Jesus Famous.