Here's the full story

What motivated me to start FF MJF?

Ever had a friend you were cool with in private, but not in public? Yeah, that’s how I loved Christ. 

I was ashamed of him and it was one of my lowest moments. Sure, I grew up in church. Sure I was in my word. And yes I received Christ as my Lord and savior. But, one question and one moment reminded me that my relationship with God needed to grow and more recognizable.

Back in 2013, I was asked, “Cardo, who is Jehovah to you?” Like a scene in a soap opera, I remained quiet, the silence was significantly loud and it showed that I didn’t walk closely with the word of God.

At the time, I was designing and running a clothing brand called DesignerSouth; this brand did not reflect someone who served God. Everything a hip hop artist rapped about, I was gonna put on the shirt. The themes were sex, money, and dark humor. And the reflection of the brand did not glorify the Father, which is my heart's passion, glorifying God.

So after experiencing that moment, I let it all go. I gave up on creating DS. I recommitted myself and my gifts to the Father so that He could get the glory in all that I do in His name. 

Why Make Jesus Famous? Why not? What's the best way to glorify God? With your life. You see, your life is a platform, your mouth declares your position on a matter. So the best way to Make Jesus Famous is to reflect on His works, His character, His love, and His relationship with the Father. Which we now have through Jesus.

It takes a collective effort in spreading this message about Jesus Christ and we are blessed and encouraged to help in expressing your love and faith in God through Christ Jesus. 

This is FrshFaith; a streetwear brand, that creatively expresses faith & love.
We point to Jesus. Blessings to you all.

P.S. You are God’s most precious gift to this earth.