The Why

Join me, everyone! Let’s praise the Lord together. Let’s make him famous!
Let’s make his name glorious to all…Psalm 34:3
(This is “A song by King David composed after his escape
from the king when he pretended to be insane”)

There is a stage in your life. A stage, a platform where you display who you serve. The question is, who do you serve? When the lights are turned on YOUR stage–YOUR life. What will be revealed? Is it going to reveal the kingdom of light or the kingdom of darkness?

The FrshFaith - Make Jesus Famous brand is a lifestyle apparel brand for followers of Christ Jesus. It isn’t just fashion, but faith in fashion. A strong statement is being made by MJF that those who love and believe in the Lord speak it out loud. When you wear a piece of our apparel, you drive conversations with your testimony, love, and pure faith in God. 

If you want to extend God's glory, be a light in a dark place, and demonstrate your love for Jesus Christ. Then FrshFaith is your brand.

Make Jesus Famous, the why

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