The Story

A Passion to see the children of God Recognized, and to Recognize God.

Frsh+Faith means to Make Jesus Famous: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”.

This brand was made to help and encourage my faith in Christ because I had that dog barking behind the fence kind of faith. Thinking that I knew enough to navigate the world, and still feel righteous. “I couldn’t”! I couldn’t just do Christ only on Sundays and feel ready to do His work every day. And eventually I was challenged, I got checked, I got questioned about Christ and I left my faith hanging……I Left…Christ…Hanging.

I’ve dealt with lust, I’ve dealt with thievery, I’ve dealt with lying, I’ve dealt with some things that I am so blessed Jesus doesn’t hold over me. And at the time, I was boasting, full of pride, full of myself. Shame to me is the worst feeling I would desire to experience because if I call myself a child of God, I would’ve done what the word says, “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you” So why did I momentarily forsake the Lord? Fear? A lack of relationship with the Lord? A lack of knowledge of the Word? Pride? How about ALL THE ABOVE.

But I am so blessed that we serve a God of the turnaround, I’m blessed that God honored the way I will end up rather than what I showed myself to be in my journey called life. I’m grateful. Not perfect by any measure, just grateful to serve, to love, to affirm, to encourage. And that’s what Frsh+Faith is, brand new faith, renewed, restored to boast in the name of the Lord. make JESUS famous.

This brand drives to; Encourage the voiceless. Walk with the courage-less. & Express the Love of God to everyone. Like anyone new to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Good News; the world can be intimidating in allowing the sharing of one's faith.

But this brand is here to help you and me to voice and wear our faith. So browse are dope products of t-shirts, hats, fitness wear, footwear, encouraging messages. Or just shoot us a prayer request; we’re all a family of believers and family helps each other when in need. Naturally and spiritually.

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This is Frsh+Faith® Clothing reminding the children of God to Make Jesus Famous! Thank you for helping us spread the Love of Jesus Christ.

Be Bold. Express Your Faith. Make Jesus Famous. It's a movement.

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