The Why

We bridge the gap, blending faith & fashion with an intention that “expresses your style and reflects His grace."

At Frsh+Faith, we integrate the word of God into our apparel, providing a canvas for passionate expressions of Faith, Love, & reverence for God. Each design utilizes meaningful elements inspired by Scripture, empowering individuals to visually represent their faith journey. Our intention is clear: merge your style with God’s divine grace, making a strong declaration that resonates your personal flair and affection for God.

Why we Make Jesus Famous

…to engage the world as believers.

We initiate conversations by wearing and talking about Jesus. For those seeking confidence in sharing the gospel, our brand encourages you to utilize your life and lifestyle as a powerful expression of faith and love for God.

This brand emerged as a solution to my personal experience of feeling not just checked but outright embarrassed by my inability to respond confidently when questioned about my faith in Jesus. That impactful moment motivated me to create a solution so that I'd never have to face such embarrassment again. As a Christian and fashion enthusiast, I yearned for a way to share the love of the Lord while staying fashionable. Following guidance from the Lord, I discovered the intersection of fashion and the gospel, leading to the birth of FrshFaith Make Jesus Famous.

This message is for all those who desire to share the goodness of Jesus Christ. Let your light shine as you use your life and style to make Jesus famous. Together, let's express our faith boldly and confidently, making a lasting impact on those around us.

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